Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Season of the Carnifex - Kraxxus Evacuation Protocol

Amidst the din of chaos consuming the moons of Phalanx, A distress call is heard from one of the larger moons. Kraxxus is under siege! Though the message is difficult to make out, it appears that the mining operation on Kraxxus has uncovered some strange xenos archeotech that has reactivated itself and is potentially sending its own distress beacon.
Not far away in Erinyes Nebula, alien eyes descend upon the source of the beacon, soon thereafter followed by the silent wake of their sleek starships.
Just as the attacking forces start to arrive at the battlefield, the defenders erect a forcefield cutting off a portion of the attacking forces. Likewise, the defender has dedicated a portion of their force to facilitate evacuation while the rest remain behind to buy them time and recover the archeotech data.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Season of the Carnifex - The Secrets of Tetragon 38

Between the warp and the divine is the Imperium of Man, that stretches across the breadth of the galaxy.  Between two sides of the war that tear at the Imperium is the Segmentum Obscura, which contains much that is uncharted.  Between two swathes of primal nebulae that gyre within that unknown, the Kailon Peninsula crouches silent.  Between the systems Ossirius and Clotho within that cluster of stars, the void flares.