Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tactica - Running a Daemon Summoning List

So you wanna summon daemons, huh kid?  You want to keep your heresy to a minimum, and work within the fluff?  While any army (except the shiniest of the Space Catholics) can work off of Malefic Daemonology, my experience has been in summoning daemons with daemons, or occasionally, with those who aspire to daemonhood.  My prime focus since 7th came out has been working the daemon factory.  It's a simple machine at it's heart, but like the humble Honda Civic, you can customize to your heart's content.  To work properly, you're going to need to summon a minimum of two units of daemons a turn, preferably three; cast cursed earth from a central location, and bring out at least one herald.  That's right, I want you to summon 285-400 points of units a turn.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Philosifelt - Being Done

The MiniWax polyurethane satin can yawns wide, inviting.  From it waft fumes that promise a change.  Each one in turn is pulled up, attached to the mechano-harness, baptized.  They emerge different, the fluid streaming down their faces a torrent of tears.  One-hundred seven of them disappear into the hungry silver mouth, one-hundred seven emerge.  They long for battle.  No shake of transport shall dislodge them.  No errant hand will shatter their limbs.  They are...finished.
There was a feeling of piquant sadness as I looked at the assembled hordes.  The waft of varnish fumes was harsh in my nostrils.  They gibbered.  More than a year.  Each one must represent an hour of hobbying, from their exquisite kitbashes to their custom bases.  Nearly an hour and a half a week went into them over the last eighteen months.  That's a lot of time to spend with anything.  There was no way that they could be good enough to justify that.  They just don't look good enough.  There's no going back.  Finished.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

eXtreme Kitbash - summoning circle bases

I finished painting all my infantry in time for the BA0 2014 - 40 Daemonettes, 36 Pink Horrors, 10 Plaguebearers and 24 Screamers.  I was proud of my accomplishment until I saw the amazing basing jobs that brought the nicest looking armies to the next level.  Since then, they've been languishing on primer-white bases, being less than they could be in tabletop pop.  I just added 20 Plaguebearers, and in the spirit of incremental gains, I decided it was time to base the whole army.
But we're talking 130 models here, and many of them are on slotta bases, fantasy square bases, popsicle sticks.  I wanted to use this opportunity to make my kitbashed, disparate army tie together.  It was also an opportunity to do break maintenance - after 50+ games, these models have lost a fair amount of arms and heads.  Start to finish, this has been the easiest and most satisfying way to improve the overall look of the army.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Tactica - Strengths & Weakneses of Daemons

Many have already written exhaustive Daemon tacticas, and with good reason - they are the best army.  The flesh-scribes and internet-servitors serve well as they churn out paragraphs of why bloodcrushers aren't so bad.  But they are bad, and I've never used a blood crusher.  So I don't feel confident writing about them. 
In the 41st millennium, there are commanders who bandy opinion far from the fields of war and there are those who soak those battlefields in their enemy's preferred circulatory fluid.  I am of the latter sort, so I'll tell you what I've learned.