Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Battle Reports - LVO 2015

Just back from Vegas where the Daemons large and small failed to rampage properly.  I came in 78th, far from the top tables, but was happy to see both Daemons and CSM reach the top tables.  You can always get validation through association if you can't get it personally.  I lost my first and last games, and got honestly middling scores throughout the tournament.  Everyone was playing MUCH harder than they were at the BAO, with a litany of great opponents, beautiful armies and good sportsmanship humming in my ear.  Battle-by-battle after the jump.

Monday, February 9, 2015

eXtreme Kitbash - Flesh Hounds of "Khorne"

Some projects we undertake for their challenge, some for the beauty, some for the passion.  Some, we undertake because it's number N on a list, ticking towards completion.  So it was that I decided that my army needed a pack of flesh hounds.  The internet seems to love them, so should I?  I'm also in on the FTGT hobby budget challenge, which is pushing me in that illogical way like Xbox achievements do.  February done, $40.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunday Battle Reports

It was a bad day for those of us bound for the LVO less than a month from now.  Ezra's speeder swarm was handily defeated by footdar, and my own CSM/Daemon cocktail lost 9-1 to the winning list from BAO 2014.  I've gotten pretty solid on what I'm taking, though my confidence is now rocking.  I need a string of victories to feel like this is actually going to compete.