Friday, April 24, 2015

Philosifelt - Codex Craftworlds Eldar


The rumor mill is shooting out hunks of bone and gristle, coating the onlookers faces with a torrent of gore.  So it goes, a terror unlike we have ever seen before.  Well, I'm lying, it's mostly the same terror, it's just a little more terrible.  I'm talking about the new Eldar Codex of course.  It's not out yet, but the rumors for the last N books have been correct, so we'll assume these are as well.  And it doesn't look good for the game at large.
We're going to solve a mystery - the prime suspects are US and GW.  We'll ask what's the point, where it started, who we're going to be annoyed at, and when this pain train will end.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Read a Book: Khorne Daemonkin

Judging by the number of bicep tattoos I've seen, Khorne is the most popular of the chaos gods. 
Judging by the number of models I've seen on the table, Khorne is the least popular of the chaos gods. 
And now here I am, judging Khorne.  I'll be up front - I've played a lot of CSM and a lot of Daemons, but I ain't never fielded no Khorne.  However, I understand how an assault army works, and guess what?  The most predictable god likes to smash lots of bodies into the opponent.
Today we'll be looking at what the codex adds (and doesn't add), what seem to be the standouts, and some sample lists.